Podcast #72: Riders on the rash and power of reframing!

Welcome to Episode 72 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! This is podcast is powered entirely by ukulele; the only certain protection against hypnotic rash. Today we ask that musical question:

Hey script readers…Can you really stop us? Can you stop us at all?

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Here are the show notes for this episode:

  • The shear hypnotic quality to the bounds of the colon of the world!
  • Chris and Mike say a big hello to Mario from Romania and Christophe from France who attended the sold-out June Architecture of Hypnosis training in Toronto. Roman and his awesome daughter also attended from Winnipeg, along with 25 other students.
  • Upcoming training: The Architecture of Hypnosis, November 14 to 18 (Monday to Friday) in Toronto. This will be the final hypnosis training for 2016, and the last training ever where the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy online will be offered FOR FREE! (It’s filling up already, with students coming in from Spain and Switzerland, so book now…)
  • Chris promotes the 2 day Graphology training, also in Toronto, September 17 and 18 (Saturday and Sunday). Mike has been a handwriting specialist and has done graphology forensically since 1993. Check the video at mikemandelhypnosis.com/handwriting Remember: The writing never lies…
  • The boyz jump into content and discuss Reframing. Chris finds the excellent Bandler and Grinder  book from the 1970s while they’re talking. Content vs context reframing. Is the glass half empty or half full?
  • Changing the context changes the meaning, because without context, there is no meaning whatsoever. Mike explains the blue-painted face phenomenon, and how context changes meaning.
  • Chris gives a fairly lame example about the meaning of laughter changing on the street vs in a pub. Mike feigns interest to avoid hurting Chris’ feelings, and cleverly switches to a story of a man on a train in England who kept laughing while reading a book, and how he confronted him. Mike makes an extremely rare mistake, because the book is actually called The Wilt Alternative, and is a hilarious read.
  • Mike asked John Grinder about the classic 6 Step Reframe to find out what the reframe was.
  • Chris and Mike discuss how Mike was frequently bullied as a young, extremely brilliant boy. He could have framed the situation as I am a victim, but had better options. Identity statements are powerful stuff.
  • Robert Dilts’ Logical Levels describe 6 different ways of viewing situations. Mike and Chris explain.
  • The levels are (going up) Environment, Behaviour, Capabilities, Beliefs, Identity and Spiritual/Mission.
  • Identity statements are I AM statements. Mike thinks AA has it wrong by telling people to say I am an alcoholic!
  • Mike gives the example of a personal reframe he used, by reframing himself as a Communicator…Chris mistakenly switches the discussion to commodities, such as gold, lead, and wheat, and profit margins. Mike gently brings the topic back. Brain Building provided the answer.
  • Chris chunks up from stage hypnotist, to hypnotist, to communicator, and explains how he’s “zooming out”. Mike reluctantly admits Chris is correct this time. Chris is gaining confidence and speed and starts talking about smoking, and immediately begins to channel Ken Sweatman. The subject becomes organ language.
  • Mike teaches the literal reframe, where the movie is stopped at the peak moment and the submodalities are changed. The decorative frame and museum light complete the procedure.
  • Chris gives a surprisingly effective example about his daughters, Santa Dominga and Lucretia, in the school system. That which you cannot anticipate becomes irrelevant clutter and wastes your time.
  • Chris tells how he and his wife, Dorotrapula, focused on what they could control instead of what they couldn’t control. As Chris explains, Mike can be heard saying “Nice…nice…” but isn’t listening at all, because he’s preparing to deliver the Empowering Question!
  • Ladies and Gentlemen: The Gus Grissom Update: Grissom was spotted outside St. Basil’s Church next to Brennan Hall, Toronto, by Capt. Rick Green of Michigan. Grissom was wearing a Toronto Maple Leafs jersey and although Green pursued Grissom, he managed to slip away.
  • Empowering Question: When you look at your life, where are you wasting the most time, and what are you going to put in its place that is entirely empowering and useful?

Metaphor: The Tour From Hell – 1999

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Ending: Dave Ambrose, the People’s Physicist...Kltpzyxm!

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