Podcast #81: Triggers, Bacon, and Cold Pizza!

Welcome to Episode 81 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! Whatever happened to that old tranquility we used to know? It doesn’t matter though, because these are days of victory!

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Here are the show notes for this episode:

  • Yep! We made it to number 81! The most victorious podcast ever…
  • If you’re going on a picnic, there’s going to be ants in your sandwiches…but no ants in your casters, thanks to the Shyzjigg Corporation!
  • Mike is almost a knight! But no history lesson here…
  • Mike’s a cook…not a chef, but he loves knives.
  • Triggers! What are they and what the heck do they do to us?
  • A bacon discussion ensues…Let’s call people “Bacon”!
  • Chris’ daughters Staphysagria and Vorolaya will love this!
  • Call people bacon, unless they’re Jewish. Keep it kosher with chicken bacon if necessary!
  • As our friend Jason Linett says “We help people.”
  • We discuss the hilarious “hide the phone” prank Mike played on Chris last week (The funny thing is, Mike did it again at lunch after this podcast was recorded!)
  • Chris is clearly puzzled and amazed, but Mike lets him run with it.
  • Chris actually calls Mike “you bastard” which is horrible in a family rated podcast. Such filth.
  • The waitress stole the phone, but she doesn’t know about it consciously.
  • Mike is clearly really proud of this, and rightly so. It’s hypnotic magic, boys and girls!
  • The Zeigarnik Effect in action!
  • Timing is everything…make sure the 7 +/- 2 chunks are occupied.
  • What’s coming up? Karl Smith in Toronto on April 29 and 30 to teach the Kinetic Shift! It’s going to be awesome…
  • Architecture of Hypnosis still has a few spots for May and June 2017.
  • Chris says “cheaper” way too many times and it sounds strange.
  • HypnoThoughts Live 2017 is just a few months away. Come and study and hang with us in the epicenter of culture, Las Vegas! Mike’s teaching the Essentials of Ericksonian Hypnosis for 2 days.
  • The boyz are also going to the UK in the Fall. It’s going to be awesome!
  • What sets you off? Words get coded in your brain emotionally, so watch out, wimp-boy!
  • Mike combats Chris’ earlier obsession with the word “cheaper” by hitting the lazy button about 10 times.
  • You have to access the kinesthetic system to get to emotions.
  • Triggers happen during sports events too.
  • Mike goes on a Ricky Henderson tirade that continues to infuriate him.
  • Are these bad states Ego States? Chris gives a great response!
  • Mike doesn’t teach British Jiu Jitsu in his Egyptian Mau or Bengal cat playing state. (Good thing too…)
  • State of mind, or sub-personality. Ask Gordon Emmerson…
  • The Executive Ego State is YOU…(at least at that moment…)
  • Some people trigger us on purpose. This can be dangerous…
  • Withheld information!? Oh no! Back to the Zeigarnik Effect…
  • “This is serious!” Don’t make me kill you!!!!!
  • Chris’ daughters (Texephone and Clemnestrata) won’t let him leave a loop open.
  • Notice when the triggers have fired. Where did they originate?
  • Chris says he grew up in Montreal and Mike adds that he “killed a couple of kids with an axe!”
  • Chris actually personified his skis and physically attacked them for being stupid.
  • Mike invokes John Cleese in Faulty Towers.
  • Chris says “EElogical” which Mike jumps on at record pace.
  • Trauma is a memory distortion. The past intrudes into the present.
  • Mike invokes Edwin Twitmyer and the knee jerk reaction.
  • Chris admits he used to trigger his daughters, Samothrace and Yseult, by not tickling them. Mike reports Chris to Children’s Aid.
  • The evil tickling torture of Gerry Childs!
  • We are not our emotions! Practice QTiP (Quit taking it personally!)
  • Associated vs Dissociated
  • Mike admits he used to look like Dumbo.
  • Chris teaches the Power of SO…

Commercial Break: You’re Still Just Danny!

Empowering Question: What triggers set me off on a regular basis, and what am I going to do to stop being reactive?

Metaphor: The Power of Food to Annoy…

  • Architecture of Hypnosis is approaching sold-out status for May 2017. Get in now, or wait until June…Then there’s only November left…(Update, the June dates are now officially set as June 12-16
  • Ending: Mike begins a brilliant round of Free-Style Chanting, and Chris joins in with great gusto and power.

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