Podcast #82: Pre-suasion and Chris’ Big Dictionary…

Welcome to Episode 82 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! Birds are very much with us these days…

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Here are the show notes for this episode:

  • Chris begins badly by explaining in advance how nonsensical this podcast is. Mike can never get him to stop telegraphing or debriefing the humour…
  • Woah! This stuff really comes out!
  • Hilarious to us…but still disturbing.
  • Architecture of Hypnosis training in May is SOLD OUT! There is still some space in June…Book it now!
  • Mike sneaks in a guinea pig laugh.
  • The Wellness Academy is better than ever.
  • Mike is very concerned about the umbrella in Chris’ garden…
  • Aren’t you glad the dictionary is in alphabetical order?
  • The mail bag is in! Dan at The Bay checkout…Let’s change people’s states!
  • We do not respond to the world, and neither do you!
  • Our experience is framed by our language…
  • Do you have to do something? Or do you get to do something?
  • For the record: Chris admits he did not get beaten up as a kid!
  • Another email from our online student John; the pharmacist who falls flat on his face.
  • There are lots of ways to interrupt a pattern!
  • Shock, surprise, fear, etc., can trigger a PGO spike.
  • Can the REM Induction be used on Skype? Nope.
  • Can you pattern interrupt a pattern interrupt?
  • The hidden phone…On of Mike’s Finest Hours!
  • Vanishing an iPhone with someone else’s hands – all without their knowledge!
  • Different restaurant – different waitress – same iPhone!
  • Ken Sweatman has arrived…
  • Indirect suggestion at work. Erickson would have been proud of Mandel!
  • Distraction makes it easy!
  • Waitresses with amnesia. This stuff is so cool!
  • “It doesn’t matter…”
  • A Robert Cialdini Pre-suasion discussion ensues. It’s a brilliant book! Read it.
  • Pre-suasion preps the person to be influenced by you.
  • Offer a warm drink to influence before you make your pitch…
  • If you’re an athlete a higher number has a powerful effect on how your athleticism is perceived.
  • Offhandedly mention the million dollars you aren’t going to charge! It drops the anchor.
  • If you read senior words, you’ll walk slower! If you want to seem younger, move faster!
  • Mike makes a brilliantly funny wizard hat joke, which Chris actually improves upon.
  • Heavy clipboards are way more important!
  • Chris actually asks Mike if he’s ever heard of the iPad. Shocking…
  • After a wonderful explanation of groups and helpfulness, Chris wrecks it by saying the redundant “close proximity”.
  • Toronto is drivable for lots of Americans, and the Canadian dollar is very low, which is great for our students from the USA. Come out and train with us before Canada builds a wall along the border…
  • Mike refers to Chris’ daughters as Ramphorinsicus and Aravuantavay!

Commercial Break: We didn’t have a sponsor!

Empowering Question: What could the empowering question be, if you were to create one?

Metaphor: Mike’s Ultimate Enjoyment Day!

  • Architecture of Hypnosis is  sold-out status for May 2017. Get in NOW for the training in June…Then there’s only November left…(The June dates are now officially set as June 12-16)
  • Ending: The Voice of B.J. Thomas for Pepsi, circa 1974

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