Podcast #91: The Fascinating Field of Hypnosis…

Welcome fellow falcon flyers to Episode 91 of Brain Software with Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! We’re flying, even though that old tranquillity we used to know, is completely gone. Nevertheless, these are days of victory!

This podcast is all about hypnosis! Hypnosis, hypnosis, and more hypnosis!

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Here are the show notes from this episode:

  • A lesson in cause and effect…Chris hammer fists Mike in the nose. Mike kicks Chris in the testicles.
  • Mike loves being “the walking hypnosis machine”.
  • Mike resists calling Chris a bastard.
  • Stephan Moccio wrote Wrecking Ball for Miley Cyrus!
  • 2 versions of the counterstrike story…
  • A mild kick in the testicles can fix things!
  • Hypnosis has always been with us…Drumming, stories around the fire…etc.
  • Don’t tell your kids scary stories at night!
  • Mike hilariously amuses himself by calling Chris’ girls “Garafraxa and Grophelia”.
  • Chris starts well and now launches into a Ken Sweatman story, but Mike rescues things…
  • Make sure your metaphors are subtle!
  • Stories are naturally hypnotic…
  • Mike likes the “offline metaphor”…
  • Adam Sandler and the film Click…
  • Chris begins well, but quickly gets into a Ken Sweatman story, with an insane amount of detail and Mike pretends to be interested…
  • The Ultimate Hypnosis Film is still My Dinner With Andre…
  • Chris interrupts, but Mike won’t be distracted from his hilarious point he’s making about the pantomime cat.
  • Formalized trance is a ritual…
  • Braid thought that eye-fixation caused trance…He was wrong!
  • Mesmerism, anyone?
  • A beautiful ludicrosity!
  • Chris takes over the Mesmer story…
  • Chris speaks of Mesmer “Passing magnetic stones…” Mike resists the obvious joke.
  • Hey! This stuff really comes out!
  • Mesmer was the first mutant hero: Magneto!
  • Prestige helps hypnosis…The Royal Touch came from Edward the Confessor!
  • Your brain contains a complete pharmaceutical chemical chest!
  • Chris mentions the placebo effect, and correctly states that hypnosis is an amplifier.
  • Build prestige to increase your hypnotic ability!
  • You too can be trained in Toronto!
  • People like the average moron say that they don’t believe in hypnosis…or dentistry?
  • It’s legitimate, folks! But how many kinds of hypnosis are there?
  • Never mistake the model for the real deal.
  • You cannot touch the critical faculty or put it in a wheelbarrow…
  • The Ritual of Hypnosis is a useful model.
  • We don’t emerge, people, because we know they’re not submerged!
  • Some people say there are no levels of trance…Some people say that trance and hypnosis are different things…
  • Keep it simple, folks! That’s elegance, and that’s what our Neo-Ericksonian model is.

Gus Grissom Update!

  • Paramnesia is FMS or False Memory Syndrome…
  • To preserve a memory: Don’t access it!
  • Chris talks about preserving money by not spending it, but it’s not the same thing at all…(Editor’s note: Yeah, it’s exactly the same thing)
  • The invisible gorilla? Well, he’s wrong!
  • Mike explains his forensic method. He makes a rare mistake by claiming the case he discusses was on YTV. It was Discovery.
  • Embedded commands can be done in a waking state through the use of analogue marking.  No need to get insomnia tonight…

Empowering Question: What are you going to do today to ensure you’ll learn all you neeed…and how exactly will you proceed…to make hypnosis a huge and fulfilling part of your life?

Empowering Metaphor: Metro Toronto Zoo, and a tiger on the loose!

Ending: The Return of Jenny…

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