Podcast #93: How to use Energetic Therapy!

Welcome to the catwalk of the only storm you’ll ever need! 

These are still days of victory…for us, and for Danny…and for Jack Ruby. LOOCHIE!!!
So let go of those Brussels sprouts because this stuff really comes out!

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Here are the show notes from this episode

  • Mike has repositioned himself as the Scarecrow of Hypnosis! Even Chris doesn’t pretend to understand why.
  • Today is all about Energetic Therapy! You’ll learn how to free yourself and others from pain and negative emotions, often in seconds!
  • Hypnothoughts Live 2018 is on its way! Make sure you check it out and come and study with Mike and Chris, and make a ton of awesome new hypnotic friends! Mike and Chris will be teaching MINDSCAPING, so whether you’re a coach, social worker, therapist, psychologist, whatever…come to Las Vegas and get certified in this amazing protocol!
  • Mike first studied Meridian Based Psychotherapy with Swiss psychologist Willem Lammers. Mike’s grief was cured in front of the class, and you can apply these same techniques on your own psychological pain. It’s awesome to be set free in seconds!
  • Get rid of your emotional pain, whether it’s fear, anger, sadness or trauma, and report back as to how well it worked for you!
  • Does this really work by discharging electromagnetic disturbance in the brain? Mike and Chris aren’t sure exactly what happens, but it works, dammit!
  • The great thing about these tapping therapies is: They only remove negative stuff. People who use this report that they can think of traumatic stuff or elicit old phobias with no bad kinesthetic at all. The bad feelings are stripped from the visual and auditory recall.
  • Roger Callahan to Gary Craig, to Tapas Fleming and Larry Nims, and Robert Smith to Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson! You don’t have to believe in these algorithms to make it work. You can just start tapping on these points while you think of your problem, and clear all sorts of bad emotions – usually forever!
  • Tapping the forehead hits the bladder meridian. That’s what the old-school hypnotists were doing without knowing what they were doing, when they were doing it.
  • Larry Nims stopped tapping. He just imagined tapping, and got the same results. Give it a shot once you’ve activated the spots by tapping them, and see what happens. Mike still likes Be Set Free Fast, but now uses faster methods.
  • Here are the points from Mike’s 6 Step Tapping Method:  Center of the top of the head, forehead, outer corner of the eye, under the eye, under edge of the collarbone, squeeze or tap the inside of the wrist.  Make sure you’re saying a word that keeps you focused on your problem as you tap.
  • If you have anxiety start tapping on the very top of your head about 50 times, several times per day and notice how you feel.
  • (At this point, Chris corrects Mike and makes him feel like a dick on a worldwide podcast to millions of people. Well…thousands of people.)
  • This stuff is so effective, Mike taught his method to a trainer in Minnesota and the trainer cured a fear of heights in another trainer in a few minutes! How can you apply this in your own life? You have nothing to lose by going after your own emotional pain.
  • Make sure you check the SUDs -The subjective units of distress so you can tell that it’s going away. Make sure you’re bringing that vaded ego state to the executive by feeling the bad emotions.
  • Always tap with all of your fingers, so you’ll be sure to hit that sucker! You can use either side of the body. Go after all the roots of the problem. Keep on tapping until it’s zero.
  • Mike explains that this is your First Aid Toolkit and you can start using it right away. Use it on all negative emotions, anytime, anywhere. Use this to help your kids too!
  • You’ve got the history and the system we use, so start using it! We’ll even send you a cheat sheet if you want it!

Commercial Break:   The Shyzzjigg Corporation

  • Use the back of the hand point to put yourself into an awesome empowered state. Make sure you’re saying positive affirmations, as though you mean them. It only takes about 30 seconds to install a powerful ego state! If you want to feel awesome, check with your doctor and then tap the spot on the back of your hand between the fourth and fifth metacarpals, while saying those affirmations. The rest is automatic!
  • I feel AWESOME! All my resources are online! I am energized and ready for anything!
  • True science follows the evidence wherever it leads. Tap those points and notice how you feel…
  • Make sure you do the proper 6 points when you eliminate bad emotions. If you make up your own points, they just won’t work.
  • Is this somehow defractionating people and bringing them out of trance? Maybe…maybe not…but it works!
  • Mike references his nasty fall. He used homeopathy to recover and thinks it’s working on the same energetic system as the tapping. He invokes Dr Andrew Lockie, an ObGyn from Scotland.

Empowering Question: What negative emotions will I focus on zeroing completely, and as  I review those negative emotions, such as fear, anger, sadness and trauma, which ones will I clear today, and how amazing will my life be when that happens?

Empowering Metaphor: The standing ovation and the radiator!

Ending: The Warrington Reversal (aka “Scare Ya?”)

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