Podcast #97: Learning to Think Better!

Welcome back Scro! The reality checks are in, and we’re ready to go…It’s a gravity storm, and you’re here with us…

This is Brain Software Podcast number 97, and we’re closing in on 100! Who would have thought that this entirely useful nonsense could last this long? Loochie!

And make sure you check out the show notes below while you’re listening. Keep sending us topic suggestions and show feedback. We love hearing from all of you!

Here are the show notes from this episode:

  • This is all about thinking folks! Alone, in small groups or huge gatherings…
  • Everyone needs to think well, and we’ll show you how…
  • It’s Spring today! Hurrah!
  • Melissa Tiers is coming to Toronto soon! Come to Toronto and join us in the class. And while you’re at it, take the MINDSCAPING training with Mike…
  • May Architecture of Hypnosis is SOLD-OUT! You can still come to the June class if you book soon.
  • Come to HypnoThoughts Live 2018 in Las Vegas in August, and meet Chris and I and study with us live…
  • Check out our Wellness Academy and change your life. It’s the stuff we do, and the way we live!
  • MINDSCAPING intersperses with other therapies, or you can use it alone…
  • Chris is managing ego states and just rockin’ through 2018…managing time with his daughters Axolotl and Barbarella
  • Mike’s word Onward will enable him to write his Magnum Opus…His eating has changed too, as has gene expression!
  • The Word of the Day is CHALLENGE
  • We are moving away from the Krysse and Jeff Show to a new business model…
  • Mike does a horrible cough and forgets to say “We’ll edit it out”…
  • Mike will be a Senior Citizen on April 29th! That’s really old…
  • Is thinking just asking and answering questions?
  • Don’t substitute the kinesthetic sense for thinking! It seldom works!
  • The moron who invested based on his good feelings…
  • It’s okay to notice if something feels right…but it must be based on sound analysis too…
  • Watch out for the scam artists! They’re out there…and facts don’t care about your feelings…
  • Am I substituting feelings for thinking? Ask yourself…
  • Investigative thinking sorts through the known and finds the relevant. Exploratory thinking searches the unknown…
  • Investigative thinking shows up in inverted V formations in the writing.
  • Analytical thinking shows up as deep V formations that touch the baseline. It shows up in Ms and Ns…
  • Analysis discards what is not needed, because more information will not always help…You must sort and discard!
  • Keen comprehension is sharp points in the writing; often when Ms and Ns look like Us…This is quick mindedness…
  • Cumulative thinking is slower, building block thinking. It is tied to creativity too…
  • Mike jumps in with a hilariously brilliant joke about drinking poison and a real estate agent!
  • Elon Musk gets it right, folks!
  • Intuition is a thinking skill. It’s not psychic, but the answer is…6 of clubs!
  • It’s making drawing conscious conclusions based on unconscious clues.
  • As the right questions! It’s part of the Socratic Method!
  • The Large X explanation. The upper V is success. The lower inverted V is failure. They’re both exponential!
  • Chris says that everything that is growth oriented in any direction is exponential. He’s right!
  • Everything you do to improve your life will have an exponential effect! This podcast is the proof it works…Loochie!
  • 10% improvements are awesome, even though Chris Ken Sweatmans it a bit…
  • It is crucial to increase your schema. Add new stuff! Always. Everyday.
  • Be a Renaissance Man or Polymath Woman! Turn off the damn television and fill your brains with something useful.
  • Edward de Bono’s book: Six Thinking Hats is awesome!
  • The Blue hat is the sky. The organiser’s hat. Processes, control, the agenda, the summary, etc.
  • The Green Hat is growth, life, creativity, new ideas. Great ideas can come from stupid ideas – like Post-it Notes!
  • The Black Hat is organised negativity. What can screw up? What’s wrong with the plan? Don’t wear the Black Hat when you’re being creative! Wear it at the end when implementing the plan.
  • The Yellow Hat is the sun! It’s optimism, fun, positives and benefits.
  • The White Hat is pure data. Information, no emotion at all, facts and figures and stats, Google Analytics, etc.
  • The Red Hat is emotions. It justifies any emotions, good and bad. Gut sense, anger, fear, etc. It switches us to the kinesthetic system!
  • The key is flexibility. Learn to switch between them all!
  • Just by wearing imaginary hats, you can direct the thinking of yourself, or a group.

Buy Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono. It’s a great book! All his books are great, come to think of it!

Empowering Question:  What is my strongest thinking style, and how will I make better use of it today? What is my strongest thinking style, and how will I apply it today, to have a better life tomorrow?

Empowering Metaphor: The nine men and women and the jigsaw puzzles

Ending: The Anthem of The Bag Men of Edward the Confessor (When Drumming Comes and Juju)

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