What We Believe about Beliefs – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 201)

We believe that beliefs are important, and you might not believe that, but it's true.!

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Introduction for Episode 201

We believe that this podcast is crucial for you! That's because we believe it can help you sort out your beliefs, which will no-doubt lead you to believe us...

Oh, and let's not forget:


And you better believe it...

Think Tank Words for This Episode


Show Notes for Episode 201

  • Beliefs can change incrementally - or they can be blown out!
  • We can learn ANYTHING incrementally...
  • A belief is something that one holds to be true!
  •  Chris' wife believed that turning machines off gives them a rest...
  • It's safe to pan fry hot dogs...
  • Beliefs are on a continuum or spectrum...
  • At one end of the continuum is Opinion and at the other end you have Conviction
  • The more emotion we have, the greater likelihood it's a Conviction!
  • Convictions are beliefs that are very hard to dislodge...
  • Chris' Mom was a first-rate hypnotist! She installed a powerful and healthy belief...
  • Beliefs can set up moving goals: "We're just five years away..."
  • We can model beliefs that our parents have; The British are best at everything!
  • Sometimes beliefs are created organically, and just sort of appear...
  • A person with prestige can install a belief, and the placebo effect comes from belief too!
  • Chris has the beliefs that he can learn anything, and does not quit! It works for him.
  • Beliefs make people proud of things they did nothing to bring into being! 

Important Update - Hypno North, Meaford Ontario

  • Can a belief be empowering, even if it's not true?
  • False beliefs can be disempowering and need to be dropped or edited...
  • Mike used to belief that he and his wife would die young, but not anymore!
  • Here are the 2 Jedi questions to ask yourself or someone else about their beliefs:
    • How did you come to believe that?
    • How do you know it's true?
  • Chris used to believe the calories in/calories out nonsense!

Empowering Question: Ask yourself...What beliefs are you willing to evaluate now...and what will you do to ensure your beliefs...are true...or at least useful...?

Metafive: Norm Yates and the phone call

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