Ideomotor and Ideosensory – Brain Software Podcast (Ep 203)

Ideomotor and ideosensory phenomena are awesome! Here's why...

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Introduction for Episode 203

Thanks Arnold for all your help in creating this podcast!

And even Terminators say that


But beware...the T-1000 will try to reacquire...

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  1. GAPE

Show Notes for Episode 203

  • PGM 2.0 is coming soon! It's all recorded and in pre-production!
  • Ideosensory is idea produces sensation...
  • Ideomotor is idea produces some sort of motion...
  • Itching is one of the easiest sensations to create!
  •  Producing ideosensory phenomena is great in hypnosis stage shows!
  • Ideomotor signals give us a super-highway into the unconscious mind!
  • Leslie Lecron is known as the Father of Ideomotor Signals...
  • Hellstromism uses ideomotor signals to seem like telepathy!
  • The key to Hellstromism is to go quickly; not wait for signals...
  • Mike found a hidden finger ring at Harbour Castle Hotel as a publicity stunt!
  • Deep trances are not needed for ideomotor signals! NLP uses them too...
  • Ideomotor signals are not usually smooth. They are jittery micro-movements...
  • Always decide which finger is which if you do ideomotor work. Then they're consistent for you!
  • Keep ideomotor signals simple! Why complicate it?
  • Usually use the index finger on each hand!
  • Having a person dissociate and float up above themself to see what signals are produced. Then just copy them!
  • Bob Burns uses The Swan with all signals on one hand...
  • Keep your face out of your notes when you're doing ideomotor work!
  • Freddy Jacquin sets up a YES signal only!
  • Karl Smith does ideomotor signals with the hands palm up!
  • Chevreul's Pendulum is the early form of ideomotor work...
  • The third signal is "I cannot answer YET..."
  • Pendulums magnify the visibility of the signals!
  • No deep trance is required for ideomotor work!
  • The ISE (initial sensitizing event) can be found with ideomotor work!
  • You can use ideomotor signals to unconsciously run events and clear negative emotions!

Special Report from Brado in Hypno North, Meaford Ontario!

  • The signals MUST be unconscious! Look for over-compliance...
  • Real signals might take a little time, and will often be twitchy...
  • Jerry Kein used ideomotor signals and then fired a PGO Spike by yelling "Sleep!"

Empowering Question: Ask yourself...if I was relaxing on a cold winter's evening...and Edderd and Dooter came over with another stupid would I eject them from my kitchen?

Metafive: Stages nightclub and the bikers who weren't bikers

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Ending: The instant song!

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