Special Edition Podcast #1: COVID-19 Thoughts

Welcome to Brain Software Podcast, Special Edition #1. This episode is all about the COVID-19 global pandemic with tips to keep you mentally FIT and moving forward.

COVID-19 Thoughts from Mike and Chris

We usually record these well in advance, but this is nearly real-time because we want to talk about what’s on everyone’s mind …. And that is COVID-19.

So we’re bringing YOU an extra edition of the hypnotic crazy train to help you plow forward even if you’re stuck at home; and you probably are.

So let’s get right to it, and have some fun, and share some great ideas to stay mentally fit during tough times.

Because it’s important to remember that these are STILL days of Victory!

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  • Lots of anxiety all around. So you can get our Anxiety Solution product for free with a trial of our online hypnosis training.
  • We have never ever before had to cancel a live event, but we treat people properly! We do not host your money hostage!
  • How freaky is it that the last podcast we published, (episode 145) was all about dealing with disaster. We recorded it before we’d even heard of Coronavirus.
  • Email from Darren with some great reframes.
  • What is a reframe? Turn “I am stuck at home” into “I get to …”
  • We’re calling it physically distancing now.
  • Avoid pushing your school-aged children into rigorous schedules with lots of school work initially.  This is a stressful time for kids too! We need to focus on keeping them mentally fit.
  • Mike is currently obsessed with Netflix and re-watching Lord of the Rings on Blu-ray DVD.
  • What can you do that you’ve not had time to do before?  That book? That online course? Learning that new skill?
  • Support people! Chris has a group of neighbours that setup a Facebook group so everyone can help each other get things done (shopping, etc)
  • Support local businesses if you can. They’re struggling.
  • Mike thinks Chris is too young to remember board games, LOL. 
  • Give social media shout-outs to companies that treat you right! This is much better than complaining online about companies who are tarnishing their brands by mis-treating customers with poor refund policies.  Put out the good feelings.
  • Get outdoors and take walks, runs, or bike rides as long as you can maintain physical distancing from other people.
  • Throw away your old, crappy eating habits and learn to cook healthy meals. There is more time to do this than ever before.
  • Who can you help? When you help others you’ll actually feel great.

Empowering project: What kind of empowering questions can you deliver to others who are stuck in a negative state of mind?

Empowering Question: Ask yourself…How will I make the most…of a bad situation…and become even stronger and more resourceful from the experience? What opportunities does this situation afford…and what will I do today…to make the most of them?

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