The Architecture of Change

Your Blueprint for successful hypnosis sessions

Why You Need This Training

Do you ever get confused about how to run a hypnosis session? You've learned a bunch of good techniques. But how do you put it all together? This class teaches you everything you need to run full hypnosis sessions. 

This class will help you do better client work and bring in more income.

We designed this class because hypnosis students constantly asked for exactly this training. Running paid client sessions requires that you know more than just techniques. So we put this class together as a one-day event in Las Vegas. It's now professionally edited and ready to help you build your business.

Class Highlights

Smartly Screen Clients

Screen every client so you're sure they're ready and willing to take responsibility for their change.

Information Gathering

Ask the right questions to pre-frame the change work and intuitively know where they're stuck, and how to help them change.

Check Your Work!

Be confident your client actually changed BEFORE you send them on their way.

Effective Follow-up

Happy clients will come back for additional change work, offer testimonials and refer others to your business.

Always Be Confident Running Hypnosis Sessions

If you want to be successful charging clients money for hypnotic change work, then this training is probably a no-brainer. We developed The Architecture of Change as a class to teach hypnotists how to structure their work with clients.

There is a lot more to doing professional change work than just knowing a few hypnosis techniques and tools. Obviously you need to know how to actually do hypnosis, and use a bunch of effective hypnotic techniques. But you also probably want to know how to do a client intake so you’re absolutely confident the client is committed to change.

You need to know what kind of information to gather ahead of time. Then there’s the actual hypnosis session. You need a process so you can gather information as part of a client conversation. Think of this as a friendly interview. It establishes rapport while giving you high quality information so you know how to help the client change. You’ll know which tools to use when you segue to actual hypnosis.

Then comes the hypnosis work. In this class we give you several awesome tools to use with clients, but you can also weave in any other tools you’ve learned through any other hypnosis training. As you wrap up the hypnosis work, you’ll want to check the work. We give you several strategies to do exactly this - make sure you do thorough work so you have happy clients who want to come back and refer you to their friends!

When you’re all done with the session, you’ll need a smooth way to make sure the client feels completely in control and responsible for their own change! The last thing you want is a client who feels it was your job to “make” them change! No way! Put the client in control at the very start, and make sure they’re in control as they leave your office. We show you exactly how to do this along with the right language to use.

Finally, it’s a good idea to have a follow up procedure. We’ll show you how to follow up with clients and how to make sure that only those who are truly thrilled write you online reviews or give you testimonials and referrals.

This class was originally delivered as an in-person workshop in Las Vegas. We professionally recorded the whole thing for you to watch.

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What our customers are saying:

Definitely given me more confidence.

The biggest thing that helped me was the questions for an intake form that create a cascading effect. It was a blast. Giving clients homework and creating empowering questions are going to propel my practice. This class has definitely given me more confidence to work with a wide variety of people. It's a complete framework for how to go from A to Z in a session. I definitely recommend this class.


I would highly recommend this class!

I've been a member of the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy for some time and this class really. I think the class was absolutely amazing and Chris and Mike are both awesome teachers.  Fabulous. I found this class really helped me with my confidence. This class has really given me that comprehensive overview on how to a session with my clients.

BECKY MOORE  //  New Zealand

Detailed Class Outline

  1. 1
    Section 1 is how to screen your clients. You’ll know how to be sure your client is absolutely ready for change, giving you the best possible chance of success, repeat business and a referral or testimonial. You’ll learn how to get a handwriting sample and evaluate it against 20 key traits to give you an extra advantage.
  2. 2
    Section 2 is preparation. You’ll know exactly what kinds of questions to ask your client so you’ll intuitively know what type of intervention will lead to a successful session.You’ll wonder why nobody taught you this before!
  3. 3
    Section 3 is the change work. You’ll learn the Mandel Model of Therapy, which is the ultimate framework to think about client problems and solutions. You’ll get several powerful tools for helping clients change, but you can also use any other therapeutic tools, since the framework we teach works with any method.
  4. 4
    Section 4 is check your work! We show you several ways to check to make sure you’ve got a good result before you set the client on their way. This is really important stuff, and too many hypnotists skip this.
  5. 5
    Section 5 is called homework. You can help your clients a lot during a single session, but you can help them even more if you give them basic homework to do after the session or between sessions. We show you exactly how to do this.
  6. 6
    Section 6 is Client follow-up. We offer you a few important ways to think about getting clients to come back for additional work, write online reviews for you, or give you testimonials and referrals. If you implement these ideas, you’ll be sure to boost your income as a hypnotist.


Mike Mandel has been a full time professional hypnotist since 1975, and was the keynote speaker at Hypnothoughts Live in 2019, when this class was recorded.  Chris Thompson started working with Mike in 2008 as they co-founded Mike Mandel Hypnosis and the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy

Mike and Chris

A Complete Client Session Blueprint

We created this class to help any hypnotist, coach or therapist run better client sessions. Everyone has a bunch of techniques they can throw at a problem. But we want you to have more than just tools. We want you to feel comfortable doing everything before the session so your clients are truly ready and excited to change. We want you to know how to extract enough information to customize the change work without asking the client to tell you his or her whole life story (wasting the whole session).  We want you to know how to check your work and give the client effective homework so they can continue to change on their own!  

This class will give you confidence in the entire process of helping clients.

Become the Architect of Better Change Work with Your Clients. Now.

The Architecture of Change will change the way you do hypnosis sessions, so you can create even more powerful changes in your clients.

Get started right now. Let this training be your blueprint to increased income as a hypnotist, coach, or therapist. 


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You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If this class doesn't turbo boost your confidence running full hypnosis sessions for paying clients within 60 days of purchase, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson

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