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The price is not a typo. There are no strings attached. We just know you'll love this Hypnotic Power Inductions video training course so much we're willing to make you a complete no-brainer offer by selling it for only $17 instead of the regular $97.

You get full professionally-recorded video training on all 6 hypnotic inductions plus one bonus induction. Due to popular request we've also added full transcripts to help accelerate your learning.

This training regularly costs $97. But with this promotion you don't have to pay $97. We'll give you the entire thing for only $17.

You Get All This:

Video Training on 6 Highly Effective Power Inductions.  Each induction is expertly explained by Mike Mandel and performed on a real subject right in front of your eyes. The videos are long enough to grasp every detail but not overly lengthy to waste time with filler.

Detailed Audio Q&A Interviews.  Chris Thompson interviewed Mike Mandel in detail on every induction to extract extra nuggets of wisdom. This helps you understand the details so you can duplicate these results.

Works perfectly with computers or iPad / iPhone. Our new digital platform works brilliantly with any computer browser or mobile device such as an iPhone, iPad, Android. You can stream the videos directly from the Internet or download them for offline use.

BONUS: The NUVI Induction for Developing Ericksonian Language Patterns. We added this training video to help you learn to craft effortless Ericksonian language patterns - a permissive approach to helping clients make powerful change. Our students LOVE this tutorial, and we know it will simplify things for you.

UPDATE: We added full transcripts of every induction. Sure, this promotion comes with a very low price tag. But you guys and gals have been asking for transcripts of each induction so we added them! We put the transcript text below each video, and you can also download all of the transcripts in one file.

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Regular price $97 
$80 with this promotion.

Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION: What is a Power Induction?

ANSWER: It's how we group together two classes of inductions.  1) Rapid Inductions; 2) Instant Inductions. They operate by different principles but are both very fast.

Compared to the slow, boring use of things like progressive muscle relaxation (PMR), you'll feel like you've been set free as a hypnotist once you master a few simple concepts.

These inductions either make use of catalepsy as an inroad to trance (rapid inductions) or they make use of shock, novelty or surprise (instant inductions) to bypass the critical faculty and establish selective thinking.

QUESTION: Is there a guarantee?

ANSWER: Yep ... all of our trainings have a 60-day no questions-asked guarantee.

In other words, if you are not happy for any reason at all we'll give you your money back. We obviously don't think this will happen, but this policy exists for your peace of mind. 

You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It's as simple as that!

QUESTION: Why $17 ?

ANSWER: If you’re thinking "$17 is cheap…what’s the catch?" then here are three reasons that should put your mind at ease:

1. $17 puts this information within the hands of everyone...from students with practically no money to corporate executives. (And at $17 you don't ?need? to get approval or fill out a purchase order  :)

2. It weeds out the freebie-seekers and tire kickers. We only want serious people who want to develop powerful hypnosis tools to help themselves and their clients or loved ones. In our experience charging anything ... even if it's just a measly dollar ... gets rid of 99% of the people we're not interested in working with.

3. We have a lot more where this came from, and we know some people who pick up this incredible product will want more.

QUESTION: How long does it take to get access to the training?

ANSWER: Immediate. Your login information will be sent to the email address you provide. You'll be able to login right away on any device.


You have a FULL 60 DAYS to explore the amazing training material inside of the Hypnotic Power Inductions video training. If you're unhappy for any reason we insist on giving you a full refund. Look - it may be priced VERY low, but you should still be protected by our satisfaction guarantee, right?

Regular price $97 
$80 with this promotion.

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