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It’s All About YOU.

Everyone is capable of greatness

This includes you

Since 2013 we’ve been on a mission: BE the change you want to see in the world. 

We do that with world-class online hypnosis training to empower others with tools to change lives for the better.

And that’s where you come in.

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Easily Learning Becomes Confidently DOING Hypnosis.

A common misconception about hypnosis is who can or can’t be hypnotized. In reality, there are NO bad subjects, only inflexible hypnotists.

Some schools focus on teaching script-based hypnosis or just a few techniques.


MMHA focuses on teaching both conversational AND direct hypnosis. Best of all, we make it FUN!

This Neo-Ericksonian approach gives you the flexibility to help people in everyday conversation or a professional setting. We also include entertainment and impromptu hypnosis lessons. There is a solution for EVERYONE inside of the academy.

Yes, YOU can do hypnosis, too!

Just like when you first start learning to walk or ride a bike, feeling uncertain and fearful is normal.

Eventually though, everyone gains the confidence needed for it to feel natural.

Our proven system of principle based hypnosis teaching will take you from brand new to hypnotically confident.

You’ll be doing hypnosis from the very beginning without ever needing a script. No-training wheels required.

You CAN do hypnosis and we are here to help you confidently get there.

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About Mike & Chris

Mike Mandel has been a professional hypnotist since 1975. He’s traveled the world doing thousands of hypnosis shows. He’s a forensic hypnotist who worked with the police on major crimes. These days he loves teaching hypnosis in our Toronto classroom, conferences around the world and especially online at the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy.

Chris Thompson got hooked on this stuff by watching Mike perform hypnosis at his University. He eventually studied with Mike and they became best friends. Together, they launched this online academy in 2013.

The Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy will unlock your hypnotic potential, so you go from absolute beginner to confident hypnotist FAST.

It’s a beautifully organized course with bite-sized, easy-to-understand videos.

You learn foundational principles and skills of hypnosis, meaning you’ll NEVER need a script.

Because you’ll learn both conversational hypnosis AND traditional, direct hypnosis you’ll have the flexibility to do hypnosis anywhere.

You’ll interact directly with us, guest trainers, and students all around the world.

Certification Included: It’s affordable and your certification is included in the price!

A Simple Skill with Unlimited Potential

Before you even ask, YES! Certification IS included with your membership.

And once you become certified the fun doesn’t stop there. Normally, if you want specialized training you have to seek out other trainers and pay ridiculous amounts of money.


Instead, we solved the problem by bringing the guest trainers to YOU. Best of all, you immediately unlock past recordings by simply claiming your spot inside of the MMHA community.

Learn everything from smoking cessation with Ken Guzzo, to helping people manage their pain with Steven Blake.

Sign up right now because fresh content is added monthly so you’ll always have something new to learn inside of MMHA.

It’s a myth that motivation comes first followed by action. The truth is, it’s the other way around.

From the very beginning you’ll be doing hypnosis.

The video lessons are bite-sized, easy to understand, and the focus is on what works. You’ll also be given fun homework after each lesson that will skyrocket your hypnotic confidence.

Plus, you’ll become a member of the global MMHA community called “Storm Riders” because we’re taking the hypnosis world by storm.

You’ll get tons of practice in our 24/7 online practice room, build your skills, meet up with fellow students, and have  a bunch of fun.

Your training is accessible anywhere, on any device. There’s even a dedicated mobile app.

Unlocking your motivation is a single step away.

Professional Hypnosis Training You’ll Love

  • Conveniently watch anywhere. Desktop and mobile friendly
  • Beautifully organized. Always fresh content
  • Bite-sized videos for easy learning
  • Printable lesson summary sheets
  • After lesson Q&A audio sessions featuring Mike and Chris
  • Engaging hypnosis community
  • Fun front-row monthly LIVE calls and events
  • Certification included & TONS of bonuses

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Live Events - Q&A -

Guest Trainers & More

We host two live events every month using Zoom. 

First is the Community Q&A call. Get your questions answered.

Second is the Topical Call, which is usually a hand-picked guest expert presenting on a specific hypnosis topic.

  • Have fun while learning
  • Interact with Mike and Chris live
  • Always get a front row seat to special guest trainings
  • Always recorded for later replay

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24/7 Practice Room

Finding practice partners is easy. That’s because our online community gets access to our private 24/7 practice room. Join up with an existing hypno-friend or meet new friends! Head into one of the private rooms to practice what you learned in the video training or do lesson homework together

  • Practice doing hypnosis anywhere, at any time
  • Private breakout rooms so you and a hypno-friend can sit quietly
  • Thousands of members means plenty of practice potential
  • Hassle free browser based software. No Zoom account needed
  • All skill levels allowed. DO hypnosis from Day 1
  • Private access only for MMHA members

To see what's included and other price options click here

A Growing Community & Life Changing Connections

When you claim your spot inside MMHA you aren’t just learning how to do hypnosis. You are also unlocking new unconscious patterns of communication, influence, and self-improvement!

You’ll become more confident and motivated to pursue your life goals because you’ll organically use what you learn inside MMHA.

Best of all, each month, you’ll be invited to LIVE topical calls, teachings from guest trainers, and Q&A calls.

You’ll continually grow with the ever-evolving academy, as fresh content is added monthly.

This is more than just an affordable monthly payment, it’s an investment that will change your life.

You’re never alone when you’re with us!

We are taking the world by hypnotic storm and once you join us, you’re in!

Our #StormRider global community is full of brand new beginners and hypnosis experts who are waiting to welcome you into the Storm Rider family!

We call this community MMHA Engage and it’s your hypno-family away from home. And once you become certified you get a shirt delivered to your door!

We are excited to send you your #StormRider shirt.

Sign up. Get certified. Ride the Hypnotic Storm!

In Case You're Wondering

Who We Teach

Our hypnosis training is ideal for anyone who wants to become a hypnotist. Our students range from people who are professional hypnotists to people who simply make use of hypnosis within an existing career. We teach therapists, doctors, lawyers, sales professionals, entrepreneurs and people from pretty much all walks of life.

If you’re more interested in personal development and not hypnosis, consider our Personal Growth Membership or have a look at our other products.

Membership Pricing Explained

The Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy starts with a free trial and is $47 per month after the trial period. Annual membership is $470 (pay for 10 months, get 2 months free). Prefer lifetime membership with no recurring fees? Contact support@mikemandelhypnosis.com and we’ll help.

Don’t want hypnosis training? Check out our personal development training.

How Mike Mandel Stands Out as a Trainer

There is nothing worse than a boring teacher! Mike Mandel is entertaining. Learning is easy when it is fun. Mike combines humour with encyclopedic knowledge and deep experience. You will love this style of teaching!

How to Access Our Online Training

All of our courses are delivered in a beautiful membership area. You simply login with your email and password, and everything is at your fingertips. You can login with any web browser or use the mobile app for Apple or Android systems.

How to Cancel a Membership

You may cancel a membership anytime with a simple email to support@mikemandelhypnosis.com. Once cancelled, you’ll have access until the end of your billing period and you won’t be charged again.

How the Free Trial Works

The free trial offer gives you a risk-free way to check out our flagship training, the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy. Sign up and dive right in. If it’s not a fit for you, just cancel before the trial ends and you’ll never be billed. Love it as much as we think you will? You’ll be billed monthly, you can complete the certification exam, and you can still cancel anytime.

What’s in the Core 24 Modules?

The Fundamentals - Mike Mandel explains his neo-Ericksonian model of hypnosis and guides you through the first exercise to learn how to calibrate your subjects.

The Fundamentals (continued) - Mike dives straight into topics including calibration, congruence, rapport and the John Grinder model. You'll learn different models of hypnosis and you'll get your first leverage induction.

Ericksonian Principles - The keys to Ericksonian hypnosis! Mike guides you through utilization and incorporation, artful vagueness, double binds, embedded commands and analog marking, yes sets, compliance sets and linkages.

Ericksonian Principles (continued) - Since Erickson's work is so fundamental to what we teach, we had to break the core material into two lessons. Learn how to be artfully vague with language, and how to build rapport and notice trance as it develops in your clients / subjects.

Power Language - Learn what Mike Mandel refers to as "power language". These lessons will apply within and outside of hypnosis. You'll use power language in normal conversation, in pre-talk, or during hypnotic work. Just this lesson alone will give you life-changing results.

Impromptu Hypnosis - Mike Mandel takes you beyond Ericksonian hypnosis and introduces you to the basics of direct hypnosis based on suggestibility tests and the principles of heteroaction and homoaction (If you don't know these two terms you need this course!)

Hypnotic Metaphors: Part I - This lesson introduces you to metaphor and the Milton Erickson handshake interrupt induction. It nicely bridges with what you learned in lesson 6 and gives you more conversational techniques.

Hypnotic Metaphors Part II: Nested loops - This is a highly effective conversational hypnosis technique many instructors don't understand and don't teach. We also give you the Kinesthetic Ambiguity rapid induction to continue building your toolbox of hypnotic inductions.

Hypnotic Deepeners and Confusion - You'll learn how to amplify trance and how to use the Milton H. Erickson confusion principle. Mike teaches one particular confusion technique that he's never taught anybody until this academy. Bonus: We've included new language patterns for you to add to your toolbox.

Building Your Toolbox: Part I - Building your toolbox! New suggestibility tests and direct-method inductions (and much more). At this point we're starting to blur the lines between Erickson's artfully vague language and we're soon going to shift into the direct, authoritative model of hypnosis.

Building Your Toolbox: Part II - This lesson dives deeper into using the visual, auditory and kinesthetic (feeling) systems. We also cover anchoring, abreaction, nominalizations, and meeting client expectations. Learn about painted words. We also give you another hypnotic induction and deepening technique.

The Direct Method of Hypnosis - Now that you have a very firm grasp of Ericksonian methods, it's time to teach you the direct hypnosis paradigm for personal change. Mike teaches you a logical 7 step method that is easily learned, enabling you to deal with a wide variety of problems and issues.

Suggestions, Ideomotor and Confusion - We're really starting to weave together the direct and indirect paradigms of hypnosis now! Learn about hypnotic convincers in the Ericksonian paradigm, more on Ericksonian confusion principles, and how to use hypnosis to enhance memory. Also: Ideomotor signals and universal therapy.

More Inductions and Tips on Hypnotherapy - Learn more about ideomotor signals and subjective units of distress (SUDs). Discover the inner secrets to crafting suggestions or directions, and learn a new induction technique. We also cover self hypnosis and how to hypnotize children.

Ericksonian Language Development and Getting Deeper Trances - Learn all about the language of trance and wakefulness. The Meta Model and the Milton Model. The power of Hinge Sentences, Pattern Interrupts, Anchoring, Fractionation, and much more!

The Dave Elman Induction - A deep dive into the famous and very powerful Dave Elman induction. People sell entire courses on this induction, which are of lesser quality than this lesson. Learn this correctly and it just may become your go-to induction with clients.

Dealing with Phobias and Anxieties - In this lesson Mike teaches you all about how to deal with phobia and anxieties. Ineffective hypnotists often think these are the same thing - they are not! Pay close attention to the fine points in this material and you'll become far better than most (poorly trained) hypnotists.

Entertainment Hypnosis - By popular demand, this lesson focuses entirely on using hypnosis for entertainment. Whether you want to hypnotize friends at a party or do full stage hypnosis shows, this is the education you need. Remember, Mike Mandel did stage shows for 43 years! What he shares is pure gold.

Smoking Cessation, Addictions and Cravings - In this lesson Mike Mandel shows you how to help people with all sorts of addictions and cravings including how to deal with smokers. If you're helping people with these issues this lesson alone will transform your results and your business.

Pain Management - Most people don't know this about hypnosis, but it really shines with helping people control pain.  We often get pain management specialists (medical doctors) coming to our live training JUST to learn this topic. In this online training you'll learn several different methods to deal with pain, including submodality shifts, direct suggestion and glove anaesthesia.

Weight Management - Why call it "weight management" instead of "weight loss"? Because when you lose something you attempt to find it again.  We don't want our clients finding their lost weight. You'll learn Mike Mandel's 4-session approach to helping clients achieve their ideal body composition while building up their self esteem and installing supportive, positive beliefs.

Procrastination and Insomnia - We attack these two common client problems with this lesson. At this point in the lesson plan you'll already have solid ideas and tools to help you deal with both problems, but Mike shares many more nuggets of wisdom to help you achieve superior results.

Self Hypnosis - This lesson is all about the wonderful world of self hypnosis. Mike and Chris share many methods and the three-step setup that you must use to get the best results.  It's easy to do! We've included this highly detailed lesson because it's an important topic and we're sick of seeing others try to charge a lot of money for JUST this topic.  We're committed to delivering superior training and value.

The Nominalization Lens Protocol, Pattern Interrupts and More Hypnosis Tools. - In this lesson, Mike hands you several new techniques to help people change their lives.  You'll learn Mike's own "nominalization lens protocol" which helps clients see their life through a new "lens". You'll learn the diagonal reframe to instantly change how clients feel about something. You'll learn a new induction (the conscious/unconscious dissociation) and how to perform powerful pattern interrupts.

Anyone Can Be
A Hypnosis Rockstar

Some schools believe their special techniques or magical words are what create hypnosis. Others think it takes years of college level academia to confidently use hypnosis.

We aren’t saying they are wrong…

We just know we are right


It's free to get started with our 14-day test drive.  And once you upgrade to a full membership, you benefit by getting free access to loads of bonus content including these full courses shown here (and much more)


Architecture of Change

The Architecture of Change is a full course on how to run hypnosis sessions with clients. We taught this live in Las Vegas and had it professionally recorded for you.

Included with your membership


Easy Self Hypnosis

Easy Self Hypnosis is a full course teaching you how to do self hypnosis and make changes in your own life … or take what you learn and teach this to your clients!

Included with your membership


Anxiety Solution

The Anxiety Solution is a full training on overcoming or even eliminating anxiety. You can apply this personally, or use the training to help your clients.

Included with your membership

We Bring the Experts to You

We do more than talk the talk - we walk it! By bringing the world's best hypnosis trainers conveniently to your device, you can take your training anywhere and learn practically all aspects of hypnosis.

We always recommend learning from the best so we bring the best to you.

(Because, truthfully we ALSO want to learn with you)


Rockstar Confident

Hypnosis Alumni

"The Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy has been tremendously helpful to my training as a hypnotist. Hands down, MMHA is the best of all the training I have taken. Time and again, you guys go beyond what is expected. Truly impressive. It is, hands down, the best offering in the hypnotic world."

Tom Laessig

Lowestoft, UK

"Just the right amount of Mike Mandel humor elevates the course from radically informative to stimulatingly fun. I love his instruction style. The best."

Alyson Loney

Vancouver, Canada

"Seriously, as a new hypnotist I've been inhaling everything I can find, and you guys are the gold standard. There's lots of good stuff out there and I certainly haven't seen everything, but I really appreciate the care and the quality level you guys put into your offerings."

James Harrison

Glasgow, UK

"I absolutely love the online course. It completely changed my life and consulting career. The information is the best I've ever seen. You guys are incredible at what you do. I love the course so much that I'm going to concentrate more of my energy on helping people. I'm so grateful for what you guys are doing. I love that it's being taught properly and I love learning something new every day. You are seriously changing lives."

Jason Cyrus

New Brunswick, Canada

"Can I just say what an incredible Academy and community you are? This is by far the most interesting and engaging of all the studies I've done. I find the content to be of such high quality, and I learn something every day. Thank you for your authenticity and the outstanding quality and service you deliver.I am so glad you decided to add the *fun factor* in everything you do. It's really motivating and I'm enjoying it."

Sharon Pitman


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Membership includes:

Membership includes:

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  • Professional PDF lesson notes
  • Global community (group)
  • 24/7 video practice rooms
  • Live monthly guest training
  • Live monthly Q&A sessions
  • All prior recorded topical calls
  • Online inductions module
  • Bonus: The Anxiety Solution course ($97 value)
  • Bonus: Easy Self Hypnosis course ($97 value)
  • Bonus: The Architecture of Change course($97 value)

Free Certification Testing

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