We’re on a Mission to Help People Build Awesome Lives.

The team at Mike Mandel Hypnosis is obsessed with helping people take their current lives, and transform them into something even more awesome. We’re best known for our principles-first approach to teaching hypnosis.

This happens within the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy. We help everyday people become skilled hypnotists, so they can go on to help other people. We also teach personal development skills and self hypnosis to everyone else.

This happens in the Personal Growth Membership. It’s ideal for people who want to build themselves a better life, but who do not wish to become certified in hypnosis.

We Believe Life Must Be Fun!

Life is about more than just work. We absolutely LOVE what we do and we enjoy sharing what we know with others. We put together this short video to share some of our core beliefs in a fun way. Enjoy!

Our Team

Mike Mandel

Head trainer and co-founder

Mike is our fearless leader. We build this business around his name because he is truly awesome at what he does!

He brings knowledge, experience and a tremendous level of humour to everything we do.

He’s the creative genius behind so much of what we teach, and he inspires people through his teaching style and by demonstrating genuine care for others. Mike lives in Toronto.

Chris Thompson

CEO and co-founder

Chris dumped his former career as a stock analyst to join forces with Mike and build the global business that we run today.

He has a knack for anticipating common questions from our students, and breaking concepts into easy-to-understand chunks. He also appointed himself as CEO just because he could.

Chris laughs a lot, and especially when Mike says to him “Wouldn’t you rather be a stock analyst right now?” Chris lives near Toronto.

Timothy September

Head of Coaching

Timothy is the third musketeer on our training team! He’s a brilliant hypnotist with amazingly well-rounded skills in coaching, marketing, communication and getting stuff done.

He brings even more FUN to our team approach.

He’s the reason we developed our Foundations LIVE hybrid coaching program, and he is responsible for practically everything we do when it comes to online coaching. Timothy lives in Virginia.

The Rest of Team Awesome

Pedro B.

Community Manager & Publishing

Pedro takes care of our global student community. Our students share ideas and ask questions within our community groups and Pedro makes sure questions are answered, while helping to connect people to each other.

Pedro is a key part of our publishing engine. Because of his outstanding writing skills, he often authors many of our blog posts and serves as the final set of eyes to fix typos from Chris.

Pedro lives in Brazil.

Preethi S.

Content Publishing and Special Projects

Preethi is our rock star when it comes to organizing our projects and publishing calendar.

Because she’s also a talented hypnotist, she’s able to dive in and create amazing summary notes for much of our new content including course material and live Zoom meetings with our students.

Preethi lives in India.

Ross L.

Creative Design Rockstar

Ross is THE man when it comes to most of our video projects. He’s an absolute guru with professional video editing and animation, and he’s also a brilliant audio editor.

If you need evidence of this super power, grab a copy of “Journey to the Castle”, a free hypnosis track Mike designed, and Ross edited. He’s a total magician with editing everything we do. He makes us seem funnier and better looking.

Ross lives in the Philippines.

Vanessa R.

Customer Service Wizard

Vanessa is a total machine. We’re not sure how she does it, but if any customer emails in with a question, she either answers it in the blink of an eye, or hands it off to whoever on our team can actually answer it.

We started out with a reputation of amazing customer service, and we grew to the point that we could not keep up without someone dedicated in this role. Vanessa brings us incredible focus and organization. Plus she laughs at Mike’s jokes.

Vanessa lives near Toronto.

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