Yes Sets and Compliance Sets for Hypnosis and Sales

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Yes Sets And Compliance Sets For Hypnosis And Sales

Want to learn about Yes Sets and Compliance Sets? Then read this blog post!

Since you are reading this blog post, there is a good chance something inside of you said, “Yes I’d like to read that!” It might have been the title or featured blog post image that really drew you into wanting to give this article a read. Whatever the case, something internally was giving you all of the, “Yes!” signals.

When it comes to hypnosis, we believe that learning the principles is more important than just learning specific techniques. Yes sets and compliance sets are just that. They are foundational principles and are really easy to use.

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Yes sets and compliance sets cause something called heteroaction. Heteroaction means that any suggestion or direction that is performed increases the likelihood of continuing to comply with subsequent tasks.

In other words, the more a person decides to accept and perform a task, the higher chance there is of them accepting and performing other tasks.

The beautiful thing about heteroaction though, is that the tasks can be as simple as getting a “yes” response. The response can be nodding your head, saying “yes” out loud, or just getting some internal agreement with something.

Yes Sets

The Word Yes Written Three Times

During a typical hypnosis session, a hypnotist or hypnotherapist will often start by asking a series of questions that the subject would say “yes” to. Those questions will often turn into performing a set of exercises or activities. Those activities will then cascade all the way into the hypnosis session itself.

Does it seem complicated? On paper, maybe, but in application it takes only a few seconds and has powerful results.

A “yes set” is simply a series of questions that you can ask your subject that are easy enough to answer “yes” toy. We recommend getting three in a row.

“So this is your first session …”

“We’ve been discussing XYZ that you’d like to work on…”

“And we are about to do some awesome hypnosis, aren’t we?”

These three questions are all pretty straight forward and your subjects will probably be able to easily answer with a  “yes”.

When doing online hypnosis sessions, another simple yes set you can ask is:

- “You can see me alright?”

- “You can hear me fine?”

- “You’re comfortable where you’re sitting?”

There is a really good chance that you’ll end up naturally creating a yes set by just checking in with your subject to see if they are comfortable and ready.

By getting at least 3 “yeses” you’ll be able to move your subject toward the next step which is building compliance.

Compliance Sets

Ok, so it might sound like you are forcing someone to do something with the word compliance, but just know that all you are doing is giving suggestions.

Even the smallest suggestion is considered positive heteroaction when it’s done without resistance.

“Go ahead and place your feet flat on the floor…”

“Sit up straight…”

“Place your hands in your lap…”

“Take a deep breath…”


While these examples seem like they are just simple directions, the undercover principle at work on the hard streets here in downtown “Compliance-Land” is Detective Heteroaction.

Each of these tasks allow you as the hypnotist to take a subject from “I’m about to hypnotize you” to deep trance.

Compliance sets can often lead to a demonstration of hypnotic phenomena.

We call these types of exercises “suggestibility tests” which hypnotists use as a guide to the suggestibility of the subject). Some individuals are considered hyper-suggestible, meaning the test for suggestibility itself is enough to cause them to go into a trance. 

(Want to know everything about suggestibility tests? Click here.)

For example, you may offer the subject some simple steps to follow that eventually lead into a suggestibility test. Each suggestion the subject complies with and each step they complete, are all built around heteroaction.

In other words, you just have them do small tasks until you can give them immediate direction, and they will follow it.

The best part is that this whole process is extremely easy.

Can You Skip the Yes Set?

It's very clear that Yes Sets and Compliance Sets are extremely useful in hypnosis as well as everyday communication. But do you ALWAYS need to use them in hypnosis?

When you've already worked with that same client several times, no. After a considerable number of sessions, you already have rapport with the client and he or she has already gotten results from you. In that case, it's not absolutely necessary.

But why not do it anyway? It'll depotentiate any resistance you're not aware of and allow you to practice the Yes Set more often.

It only takes a few seconds, anyway. So do it!

A Quick Example of Using a Yes Set Into a Compliance Set

Here are a few examples you can use to get your subject to say “yes” to 3 different questions and then get them to perform 3 easy tasks. It’s this beautiful dance that all hypnotists would benefit from learning.

Three Female Ballet Dancers Synchronized

Yes Sets:

- “So it’s (day of week), (time), and you want to work on (repeat their problem back to them), is that right?”

- “So let me get this want to (repeat back A problem), and (repeat back B problem), and you also want to work on (repeat back C problem), is that correct?”

- “If you could (repeat back solution)(overcome xyz), and (repeat back benefit of solution), and (benefit number 2), then it would greatly improve the quality of your life, wouldn’t it?

Compliance Sets:

- “Go ahead and get comfortable (1), place your hands on your lap (2), place your feet flat on the floor (3).

- “Take a deep breath in (1), exhale (2), and as you do, relax (3)…”

- “Extend your arms straight out (1), clasp your hands together (2), bend them at the elbows (3)...”

Put Them Together:

You: “So it’s (day of week), (time), and you want to work on (repeat their problem back to them), is that right?” 

Subject: Yes, yes, and yes!

You: “Awesome!” “Go ahead and get comfortable, place your hands on your lap, place your feet flat on the floor.”

You’re Interested. You’re Curious. You Want More.

You could also use yes sets and compliance sets to help you close a deal or sell a product. Yes, this really works in a sales situation too!

Example: “Would you love to (name benefit of product), feel (name feeling they’ll get once they have it), and discover (name something in the future they will obtain with product)? Then get out a pen, a piece of paper, and write down this number..”You’ve probably seen something similar to the example above on a television commercial or maybe even an advertisement on Youtube.

These marketers are using simple hypnotic principles in order to get you to unconsciously make decisions that will increase the chances of you purchasing their product.

In other words, marketing experts, experienced sales people, and advertising creatives, understand the simple principle of heteroaction with yes sets and compliance sets.

Oh You Are Interested, Curious, And Want More?

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"I absolutely love the online course. It completely changed my life and consulting career. The information is the best I've ever seen. You guys are incredible at what you do. I love the course so much."

Jason Cyrus