A New Therapeutic Intervention That WORKS

Mindscaping Is Like A Swiss Army Knife For Therapists

Your Client Hands You The Key To Their Change

If you’re the type of hypnotist or coach who wants powerful results for their client, yet questions if what they are doing is even working then this is the most important product of your life.


  • Unless you have the unconscious mind (and life experience) of Milton H. Erickson, you’re fighting an uphill battle.
  • To make matters worse, there is so much to learn regarding traditional hypnosis and hypnotherapy that it can be completely overwhelming.
  • That feeling of overwhelm absolutely sucks. I’ve been there and others have as well. Allow me to introduce myself.  

My name is Mike Mandel. Teaching hypnotherapy is in my blood. I’ve taught hypnotherapy and NLP for over 20 years and been practicing for way way longer (50+ years!). And that doesn’t even count the numerous corporate keynote talks I’ve given on the power of the mind.

My name is Mike Mandel. Teaching hypnotherapy is in my blood. I’ve taught hypnotherapy and NLP for over 20 years and been practicing for way way longer (50+ years!). And that doesn’t even count the numerous corporate keynote talks I’ve given on the power of the mind.

Even though I’ve been studying and practicing hypnosis for decades, most people just don’t have that kind of time.

Studying all of the principles, techniques, and foundational knowledge crucial to learning hypnosis and becoming effective with it can take a long, long time. Especially without a practice partner.

  • What if there was a better way to use hypnosis techniques  without really doing hypnosis?
  • What if there was a way to easily be confident enough to rapidly transform your clients in a single session using just one simple hypnotic tool?

One of the secrets to transformational hypnotherapy is this:

“Your client’s unconscious already knows the ideal solution to their problems.”

Your client's unconscious mind is a complex landscape of metaphor and symbols. So let’s use that information as a direct line of communication to create the change.

What’s Mindscaping? It’s a cutting-edge approach to unearthing a metaphorical treasure map for your clients’ toughest issues.

Mindscaping takes all the guesswork out of your hypnosis sessions by actually putting the controls into your clients hands.


"Sometimes people just can't believe the results.  They can't believe it was just down to that one Mindscape."

Ashley May | United Kingdom

"I've been using Mindscaping for about 18 months.  It gets better and better. It takes the pressure off me. I don't have to come up with any metaphors!"

Kate Choppen | United Kingdom

"At an event I did Mindscaping for the CEO. He loved it so much he asked me to stay an extra day to run sessions with each of his directors. Incredible tool!"

Steve Lobley | United Kingdom

A Single Method With Hundreds of Applications

Convincing Therapeutic Results For You And Your Clients

Mindscaping works because you directly access the unconscious mind of your client. This is where both problems and solutions reside. With Mindscaping, your client will experience a symbolic map, where their problem presents itself as a metaphor. By changing the metaphor, they will immediately feel better. When the metaphor changes, their life changes too! It’s the ultimate tool of certainty.

Use It For Part Of The Session

Mindscaping students have told us their most successful  sessions are often as short as 20 minutes. It’s THAT fast.  Because of how quickly you can provide your clients with the results they want, you can get more of your time back. Fewer hours means more freedom and an opportunity to generate more income.

Gain Natural Confidence

While knowing how to do traditional hypnosis is great, it isn’t ideal for everybody. In fact, some people want to do hypnosis without the stigma of it being hypnosis, because they understand the power of the unconscious mind but their clients might not. Whatever the case may be for you, the results are the same. The steps are ridiculously simple. The transformations are profound. Your clients will thank you and never realize you were using hypnosis.

Rapid Results

Mindscaping is freaky fast! You can use it at the beginning of a session to prepare the client for change. You can use it at the end of a session to tie up loose ends. For quick therapy sessions you can also use it completely on it’s own. All of this without any formal hypnosis training. The best part is a single Mindscape is only about 20-minutes! That’s right, freaky fast!

The Right Answer Every Time

With traditional hypnotherapy, it can take quite a bit of experience to know exactly how to help your client. With Mindscaping there’s no guess work and no knowledge of hypnosis is required. It’s well established that in order for someone to change, they must change both consciously and unconsciously. Mindscaping is the easy way to do this without spending years studying psychoanalysis or hypnosis. 

Make More Money

If you’ve ever experienced the feeling of knowing you made an impact in a client’s life, then you probably also know how good it feels when they send more people your way. Word of mouth business and client referrals are powerful ways of making more money. When you do stellar work, people notice. Mindscaping gives you predictable, reliable results for both your clients and your confidence. It’s changework that you don’t even need to advertise because it sells itself.

Easy. Simple. Efficient.

Here’s What You Get

Your Mindscaping video course is a complete video training. You’ll learn the fundamentals of what Mindscaping is, how it works, and just how rapidly you can make changes to the unconscious mind. You’ll also learn advanced techniques for helping your clients overcome emotional difficulties, problems from the past, and how to build powerful positive resource states. We’ve also included several demonstrations, and a complete taping of our live Mindscaping class in Toronto. You’ll also get a step-by-step manual as your reference guide to helping your clients achieve optimal, rapid change. Did we mention you’ll also gain access to a private community where you can get hands-on experience with practice partners?

Here’s Your Time Investment

You get over 9 Hours of Video Training, broken up into 32 easy to understand videos. You’ll be ready to actually use the technique after just the first 2 hours of training. This comprehensive course will teach you everything you need to learn about Mindscaping and how to use it effectively. The process is so simple, you can start applying what you learn right away. It’s simple, effective, and powerful!

A Growing Community

As we mentioned, we wanted to make sure you had the ability to practice what you learned, so our growing community of over 2,000+ Mindscapers is available to you once you join! Our Mindscaping community contains extra freebies, like worksheets and community driven practice partners. If you have questions, the community is there to support you in your journey.


  • 11 RECORDED LIVE CLASS Videos (Full One Day Intensive Live Class Training Recording)
  • 1 Recording of Live Q&A Session

"A stand-alone protocol that you could use with every client. If I ever feel stumped or stuck with a client, I use Mindscaping."

Lori Hammond United States

"I highly recommend Mindscaping. It's a fantastic tool that can be used on a broad range of issues and can make a real difference in someone's life. Mike and Chris are fantastic.  They over-deliver.  The value you get is incredible."

Carolyn Wentworth | Canada

"Mindscaping is an awesome course. Easy to learn, easy to use, and very powerful. People are loving the results they get.  I also had a chance to experience it myself. Check it out.  You'll love it."

Afonso Novais | United States

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

We love offering guarantees that completely reverse all the risk for you. So here’s the deal: Take 60 days to see how much you enjoy Mindscaping. If you’re not totally thrilled with it just send off a quick email to our support team. We’ll refund you with no questions asked. Yeah, it’s that easy.

About The Instructor

Mike Mandel is a professional hypnotist, speaker, and New Code NLP trainer. He brilliantly combines experience, education and entertainment to make learning hypnosis FUN.

As a kid in 1965, he started hypnotizing his friends. As a young man in 1975, he became a professional stage hypnotist. In the 1990s he branched out into hypnosis for therapy and forensic hypnosis.

His clients include police services, government organizations and blue chip companies. Mike is widely regarded as one of the premier hypnotists in the world today. In 2019 he was chosen by a group of his peers to give the keynote address at HypnoThoughts Live; the world’s largest hypnosis convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

World-renowned hypnotist Freddy Jacquin said to Mike Mandel, “I don’t believe there is anyone better than you at the work you do.”

You Get All This

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Stand Alone Purchase

  • 9 Hours of Video Training
  • Over 32 Videos of Course Content
  • Included Easy To Follow Step-By-Step Manual
  • Gain access to a private FB Group for Discussion and Practise Partners
  • BONUS #2: 1 Recorded Live Q&A
  • 60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee