Go From Zero to NLP Hero In Just 6 Hours

NLP Essentials is a dynamic, fun course that cuts through all the filler so you become skilled at what matters in just a few hours.

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Learn NLP With This Fun, Engaging Course

You’ve probably heard about how incredible NLP skills are for improving communication and changing behaviours. But most courses are really long, not all that much fun, and pretty darn expensive. And you still have to hope you’ll get a great teacher.

And so you end up either never getting trained in NLP, or your training leaves you feeling like you can’t really put it to use to change yourself or help other people. Neither of those outcomes is particularly great.

That’s why we created this video course, NLP Essentials. We make it super easy for you to learn the essentials of NLP with bite-sized, fun videos. You can study at your own pace because once you buy this course you own it. And in about 6 hours, you’ll be well equipped to start making a real difference in your own life, or help others. 

If you’re looking to use NLP to make your own life better, or if you work with clients and you want NLP skills in your toolbox to help people, you’re in the right place.  This course is for you.

Customer Reviews

"Simply Amazing"

Tamsin Morgan | Suffolk, UK

"Massive Effect!"

Mary Taylor-White | Cumnock, UK

"It Over Delivers!"

Chad Klopfenstein | Chicago, USA

"Excellent and Practical"

Mark Northcote | Leeds, UK

NLP Essentials is The Ideal Way to …

Build Robust Relationships

When you have strong rapport with others, it’s magical. Relationships seem to move forward without conscious effort. Think about how this matters in your life - whether it be business relationships, social interactions or romantic interactions.

Create Rock Solid Confidence

When you’re confident, you will attract others. They’ll be attracted to your ideas and to you as a person. NLP makes this so much easier to do in any social situation. Confidence attracts people, whereas arrogance turns people off.

Destroy Old Habits

NLP is amazing for eliminating bad habits. From nail biting to late night snacking or whatever you want to change … you’ll be telling those old habits not to let the door hit them on the way out. And once they’re gone you’ll be free to replace them with something else that fills you with pride!

Show off That Spidey Sense

NLP can make it seem like you’ve got some weird ability to know things that … maybe … you shouldn’t be able to know. But it isn’t mind reading or magic. People call it intuition or a gut feeling … but it’s really just noticing differences. And when you do this well you’ll amplify trust from other people, and you’ll get better results in pretty much every human interaction.

Dynamite Decisions

Your life is a sum total of the decisions you make. NLP teaches you exactly how to know what you want and actually decide to go after it! From understanding personal values, changing beliefs, and helping you program your brain, at a neurological level … you’ll make better decisions that deeply affect your life.

Charge Clients What You’re Worth

Do you work with clients? NLP gives you a fantastic toolbox to confidently help people achieve the changes they want. When you’re more confident in your own skills, you’ll comfortably raise your rates so you’re earning what you actually deserve.

How This Course Works

Course Content Overview

What is NLP and what can you use it for

Bandler & Grinder and the origins of NLP

Core NLP presuppositions about communication and change

States (or parts) in NLP

NLP outcomes

Threshold (for change) and empowering questions

The NLP Meta Model (using language to clarify language)

Calibration (noticing differences)

Rapport (building relationships)

Congruence in NLP

The Mandel Triangle

Representational systems and their submodalidies

Logical Levels and human change

Perceptual positions in NLP

Values and their hierarchy in your life

Beliefs and filters in NLP

NLP strategies - how people do things

The concept of chunking

NLP reframing & the big 3 frames

The Meta Pattern for change

The John Grinder Model for change

Future pacing to check your work

The importance of confidence

The “Identity Cascade” method

Resources and limitations

Technique: Walking with Grace and Power

Technique: Room 101

Technique: Dock on the Bay

Technique: New Behaviour Generator

Technique: Theatre of the Mind

Technique: Improved Swish Pattern

Technique: Using NLP timelinesTechnique: Using the Meta Pattern

Technique: The Literal Reframe

Technique: Perceptual Positions Exploration

Demonstrations: Watch as Mike Mandel works with real people to overcome real problems. We’ve added several high quality real-life demonstrations to help you put NLP to use.

Video Training at your own pace

Each video covers a single topic in just a few minutes. This makes it easy to study NLP on your own schedule. We suggest you watch the videos in order the first time around. Then feel free to jump in wherever you want as you refine your skills or refresh your knowledge if you’re planning to use a particular technique.

Easy access on any device

The training library works great on any computer, mobile phone or tablet. There’s even a mobile app for Apple and Android, so you can watch videos nearly anytime, anywhere.

Take the optional certification exam

Want us to send you a certification of course completion? No problem … it’s included in the course for no extra charge. We’ve designed a comprehensive test for you.  It takes about an hour.  You’ll need to score at least 80% to pass, but you can also take the test again if you don’t pass the first time around. It’s a fair test, not an impossible test. 

60 Day Money Back Guarantee (and keep all the bonus)

We love offering guarantees that completely reverse all the risk for you. So here’s the deal: Take 60 days to see how much you enjoy NLP Essentials. If you’re not totally thrilled with it just send off a quick email to our support team. We’ll refund you with no questions asked and you can keep the bonuses (Brain Software, Peak Performance and Memory Power).

These Bonus Gifts are Yours to Keep … Just for Test
Driving NLP Essentials Today ($171 value)

You’re about to radically improve your confidence, memory, creativity and concentration. Buy NLP Essentials today and we’ll add these to your training library for free. They are yours to keep.


Peak Performance with Self-Hypnosis

Our most popular audio program on NLP. You get a teaching track where you’ll learn New Code NLP techniques, and a world-class hypnosis track to help you perform at your best.


Brain Software Video Course

We took the best material from Mike’s corporate “Brain Software” training and put it into an action-packed video course you can use to get results immediately. Unlock your true potential, develop more confidence and get great results!


Memory Power Hypnosis Tracks

This audio training teaches you how to build a powerful memory, along with a hypnosis session to reinforce the skills. We’re including this so you can easily and naturally retain all of the incredible information in our NLP Essentials course

Answers to Common Questions

How much can i really learn in 6 hours?

You’ll learn a LOT, and you’ll love it. If this was a live, interactive course it would probably take 2 or 3 days to teach all of this with group exercises and time for Q&A. We already know what questions are most common, so this video format saves you a lot of time without cutting corners. And remember you’ll study at your own pace. You don’t have to do everything in one sitting.

How do I know if this is right for me?

If you’re familiar with the style of Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson, you’ll be thrilled with the format of this video course. So the real question is … will you use this to improve your own life, or the lives of your clients? Remember, we guarantee your satisfaction and you can even keep the bonus gifts if you want a full refund. So the only way to know how much you’ll love the course is to buy it … right now.

Guaranteed ...how specifically?

You will get exactly out of this course as much as you put into it. We've done everything we can within our control to provide you with a super simple, easy to understand model of NLP. You'll learn the absolute essentials of NLP, including principles, techniques, and language patterns. We've also included an awesome hypnosis track bonus which will help you memorize and learn the material even faster.

With that said, we offer a 60-day no questions asked money-back guarantee. If you don’t want to keep NLP Essentials just let us know, and you can keep the bonus gifts. (Our support email address is support@mikemandelhypnosis.com and we’re pretty darn fast at replying)


You buy it and you own it.  There is no expiry date. We’re not going to take it away next year. In fact, we’re far more likely to add even more training (which you’d get for free) and raise the price (but not for you, because you’ll already own it!)


Yes. It’s optional and costs nothing extra. After you’ve learned everything you can, just take the certification test. If you pass the test we’ll send you a beautiful certificate.

A pass is 80%. But if you don’t pass it the first time you can repeat it again after 7 days, where we know you’ll study a bit harder and totally rock the test the next time!

Did we mention that once you are certified, you are also guaranteed to have bragging rights?

About Your Trainers

Mike Mandel is a professional hypnotist, speaker, and NLP trainer. He brilliantly combines experience, education and entertainment to make learning hypnosis FUN.

Mike started hypnotizing his friends in 1965, and became a professional stage hypnotist in 1975 and became an NLP trainer in the mid 1990s.

In 2019 he was chosen by a group of his peers to give the keynote address at HypnoThoughts Live; the world’s largest hypnosis convention in Las Vegas, Nevada.

World-renowned hypnotist Freddy Jacquin said to Mike Mandel, “I don’t believe there is anyone better than you at the work you do.”

Chris Thompson is an NLP practitioner and hypnosis expert. He’s the CEO of Mike Mandel Hypnosis, and has been co-teaching with Mike since 2012.

Mike and Chris have a global reputation for world-class personal development training while having an almost absurd level of FUN.

You Get All This:

  • 46 easy & fun videos, over 6.5 hours
  • Certification testing is included (don’t worry, it’s optional)
  • Buy once and your access never expires
  • Includes bonus gifts on valued at $171
  • 60-day money back guarantee. You can even keep the bonus gifts.

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