Hypnotic Confidence. Made Easy.

Wouldn’t it be nice if any time you talked to someone you could let your hypnotic powers flow free and confident without any self doubt whatsoever?

This is the story of how one simple Ericksonian hypnosis training exercise, now available as a FREE mobile app, transformed my confidence with hypnosis.

Hello. My name is Brian Knapp and I’m a student of the Mike Mandel Hypnosis Academy.

In fact, not only am I an online student, but I’ve even traveled all the way to Toronto, Canada to spend a week at the brilliant Architecture Of Hypnosis Course.

And I’m here today to tell you my story of how I went from being a weak and unconfident hypnotist to someone who is completely confident in my hypnotic abilities and can use them at will. 

But, That Didn’t Happen Overnight…

When I started learning hypnosis many years ago one of my biggest problems was confidence. In class I was able to do all kinds of power inductions and Ericksonian interventions, but outside of class was another story.

Outside of class I didn’t have the confidence in my own skills. I struggled to reach anywhere near my skill level because I doubted my own abilities working with other people.

The struggle was real, at least real enough to me that it kept me from feeling like a hypnotist. Instead, I felt like an imposter.

You know, there’s even a fancy word for that sort of thing. Psychologists and behavioral scientists call it “Impostor Syndrome”. That is what they call feeling like a phoney on the inside.

Do you ever feel like an imposter, a phoney, or a fraud? At any moment the Hypnosis Police are going to bust down your door and take away everything you’ve worked for? I used to feel that way.

I found a way to gain confidence in my skills that transformed my entire ability as a hypnotist.

And That Confidence Changed Everything!

What happened is I got introduced to a tool called NUVI.

NUVI is a process to train and practice Ericksonian language patterns. That’s a fancy way of saying talking like a hypnotist.

It was actually an exercise we did in the Architecture of Hypnosis class. It’s the class at in Toronto that Mike Mandel and Chris Thompson teach. Mike and Chris are amazing hypnosis trainers and I’ve learned a lot from them.

The NUVI exercise taught us how to unroll language like a never-ending sentence...and as the sentence continued to unroll...the hypnotic subject would effortlessly go deeper...into the kind of relaxing trance...that you might already be feeling now...and it can simply continue to grow...as you read this story...because even as an example...NUVI is something...that you can learn from...can you not?

Now, the NUVI exercise itself is a useful thing to practice and use and as you use it you’ll find yourself increasing your hypnotic potential to ever greater heights of excellence…

NUVI Is Great. It’s Really Great.

However, it was missing something.

It wasn’t interactive enough outside of class. It wasn’t convenient. It didn’t quite click like it should.

Long story short, I didn’t practice NUVI enough. Sometimes I would do it, but not enough to become confident about it. 

I’m a Software Engineer and realized there was a lot of potential in NUVI. So, I helped Mike and Chris create the NUVI app.

The NUVI app takes everything great about NUVI and puts it on your smartphone. It helps you practice any time, any place. It just works. It’s available for both iOS and Android and for me it’s changed the way I practice hypnosis.

NUVI Course and app hypnosis training tools

Now You Can Practice Hypnosis Anywhere

Now when I get bored I pull out my phone, open up the NUVI app, and spend a few minutes practicing my hypnosis skills. 

And as I practice those skills on the NUVI app...I begin to find a remarkable increase...in my confidence...which allows...for an ever greater sense...of empowerment...in my ability...to approach people directly...and with an effortless power of trance...that is always changing...into something that...you might begin to notice...is as easy as...it’s always been...NOW!

Okay, I’ll stop with the hypnotic language, but you get the idea right? It’s fun to be able to use hypnotic language patterns at will and watch the people around you drop into a trance without even realizing it.

That is the power of using the NUVI app to practice Ericksonian language patterns. It’s so easy to pull out my phone and use it when I have a spare minute or two. 

…And You Can Level Up Your Hypnosis Skills

Also the bonus video course that Mike and Chris added to the NUVI app helps you build your hypnotic skills and confidence even faster!

I already knew this stuff, and yet I was blown away by the course. I remembered things I’ve already forgotten and it made me excited to continue using NUVI.

Really, once you start, you can’t stop, it’s amazing.

Now, after taking the free NUVI course and a bunch of practice using the NUVI app, I feel confident in my ability to jump into “hypnotist mode” any time with a confidence that I’ve never had before. 

I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but this is a profound change in my confidence with hypnosis.

And it was so easy I can’t believe it. 

Your Hypnotic Confidence Unleashed!

The best part is, I don’t just use these skills when I am doing hypnosis work. I use them all the time! At work when I am in a meeting or I’m talking to clients, I start talking NUVI style and all of a sudden everything I say is more powerful and persuasive. That makes so much of life easier, it’s hard to explain. 

You need to experience the power of NUVI for yourself because it’s a game changer!

Anyway, if you need help becoming a more confident hypnotist, I highly recommend you just download the NUVI app to your iOS or Android phone and use it to make yourself into a phenomenal hypnotist now.

NUVI is available for FREE on both the Apple App Store and Google Play, so just just install the app and get started.

But before you rush off to the app store grab the FREE video bonus course first. This course is about 45 minutes of awesome video instruction covering the basics of hypnosis, Ericksonian language and how to use the NUVI app.

Get the Free NUVI Video Course

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